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Message, set jester, skip erickson, psychological, drama, supernatural, death
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Director:  Skip Erickson

Screenwriter:  Skip Erickson

Genre:  Psychological Drama

Eric and Samantha Millar find themselves having to come to terms with the loss of their daughter.
Since her passing, they have begun to slowly drift apart from each other, both dealing with the loss in their own way... Eric for the better, Samantha for the worst.

Then one day, Samantha receives a message... one that changes everything

From the Executive Producer of "Kill Me Again" comes the new award winning Psychological Drama (from the Shaker County Anthology) that warns with two simple words... Listen closely...

skip erickson, message, awards


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Director:  Steven Rodriguez

Screenwriter:  Steven Rodriguez

Genre:  Thriller, Drama

Sometime ago, before Shaker County became... different. There were trials that took place.

These trials would soon shape the future of those who lived in Shaker County.

What took place in the past should have remained in the past... but for a select few Shaker County residents, their past would be their present, and their future.

Each person finding themselves stuck within a forever echo. Knowing not if they are blessed... or cursed.

From writer/director Steven Rodriguez, comes the much anticipated prequel to "Kill Me Again"... "Blood Moon Reaping" (from the Shaker County Anthology)

Blood Moon Reaping, set jester, steven rodriguez, skip erickson, witchcraft, magic
joe estevez, skip erickson, nicholas joseph mackey, pizza man, set jester

Director: Skip Erickson

Writer: Joe Estevez

Producers: Skip Erickson and N.J. Mackeyip Erickso

Genre:  Drama

"As long as you're alive, there is always hope."

George Mariano - the stereotypical, down on his luck, kind of guy - finds himself at the end.

With an impending eviction on the horizon, living in a crappy one room rental, and zero hope of ever climbing out of the cesspool that is his life... George has chosen to end it... with a bullet. 

But as the metaphorical hammer falls within his cheap hand gun, there comes not a bang of deadly bliss, but a bang at his front door. A stranger has come to coach George on his failed life - to give him hope where there is none - to help George get back in the game. 

From the Producers of the multi-award winning film "Message", comes the new Drama: "Pizza Man"

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Director:  Skip Erickson

Screenwriter:  Skip Erickson

Genre:  Psychological Drama

set jester, skip erickson, media, motion pictures

After 7 years of marriage Scott Jordan feels he and his wife are beginning to drift apart. His wife Kelli spends the majority of her time working, while Scott spends the majority of his time... waiting.

Past marital plans for the once happy couple's future have begun to evaporate, leaving Scott desperate to save what is left of their marriage. So he devises a plan to reconnect with his wife... he signs them up for a 'Marriage Encounter'.

But what they soon encounter are truths and secrets they both must air and endure. Truths that will thoroughly test the very threads that are fraying within their failing marriage.

They will learn that... every choice leads to consequence.

The new Psychological Drama (from the Shaker County Anthology)

Encounter, marriage encounter, drama, psychological, set jester, skip erickson
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