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And the awards for "M3554G3"​ keep on coming!!

Set Jester is extremely proud to announce that, only weeks after receiving its third 'Best Actress' award, and awards for 'Screenwriting' and 'Sound', Skip Erickson, composer of the multi-award winning drama "Message", received a Jury Award for 'Best Background Music' at the Mumbai International Film Festival on December 20th.

"What a way to end such a successful year!", stated composer Skip Erickson. He continued, "I consider this one of the best Christmas presents I've received in a very long time. To be awarded by a jury for the music I composed for the film is a blessed thing. This award means so much, especially because this film score was very personal to me." 

'Message' has definitely had an incredible festival run throughout 2014, and winning this award leaves the film ending the year on a very high note.

Skip sits, smiling in awe. "What a year. I know I always say this but… I have been truly humbled and blessed this year."


Please join Set Jester in congratulating writer/director/composer Skip Erickson, his cast, crew and producers on an incredible award winning year for their film 'Message'. Cheers to success in 2015!!

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Seasoned actor and film producer Nicholas Joseph Mackey is no stranger to drama. He is set to deliver a powerful performance in the new psychological drama "M3554G3". Audiences will witness Nicholas in the role of Eric Millar, a father who is coping with the recent loss of a daughter, as well as having to deal with an emotionally distraught wife. Nicholas will surely provide audiences with a memorable performance.

Nicholas Joseph Mackey as Eric Millar

Nicholas Joseph Mackey, actor, procuder
Ashley-Rene Everest, actress

​​​​​From film, to TV series, to music videos, all eyes are focused upon up-and-coming actress Ashley-Rene Everest.

She has been featured in productions such as "Beyond the Dark", Lee Martin's "The Midnight Hour", and the feature film "Freaky Deaky". And although radiant in beauty, do not be fooled, Ashley is about to tackle and deliver the most emotional roller-coaster role of her acting career as Samantha "Sam" Millar in the new Skip Erickson psychological drama from Set Jester, "M3554G3 (Message)".​

Ashley-Rene' Everest as Samantha "Sam" Millar

ashley-rene everest, best actress, message, river pearl award, silent river film festival
ashley-rene everest, best actress, message, river pearl award, silent river film festival
ashley-rene everest, best actress, message, mitten movie project, delhi international film festival, silent river film festival
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