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"Pizza Man" Officially Selected and Wins Award!!

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'Pizza Man', the latest film to be produced by Set Jester team Skip Erickson and N.J. Mackey was blessed with a 3rd Place award for Short Drama from the Indie Gathering International Film Festival on July 7th, as well, it also received a "Best Supporting Actor" nomination for co-star Joe Estevez on August 1st, 2016.

It was but only two years ago that Set Jester and director Skip Erickson received the coveted 1st Place award for Short Drama at the very same film festival, for the multi-award winning film "Message".

Hollywood actor/writer Joe Estevez penned the short drama 'Pizza Man' first as a stageplay. The story soon found its way into the hands of actor/producer Nicholas Joseph Mackey, who in turn brought it to producer/director Skip Erickson to take the story from stage to screen. Where the Skip Erickson film 'Message' delivered a riveting performance by its lead actress, 'Pizza Man' delivers a dramatic and powerful performance from its lead actor, Nicholas Joseph Mackey. Joe Estevez provides the perfect antagonist performance.

Set Jester wishes to congratulate cast, crew and producers on another successful new film. Cheers to success in 2016!!

Skip Erickson, pizza man, Nicholas Joseph Mackey, Joe Estevez, award winning film
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Nicholas Joseph Mackey, Joe Estevez, Skip Erickson, Ron McLaurine, Jeremy Myers, Rick Moreau

"Pizza Man" cast and crew: (left to right) Nicholas Joseph Mackey (as George), Joe Estevez (as Ambrose), Ron McLaurine (Boom Op), Skip Erickson (Director), Jeremy J. Myers (Script Supervisor) and Rick Moreau (Sound Mixer)

Seasoned actor and film producer Nicholas Joseph Mackey is no stranger to drama. He has delivered a powerful performance in the new drama 'Pizza Man'. Audiences will witness Nicholas in the role of George, a guy who is at the end of his rope, and struggling with his life, and the choices he's made along the way. Nicholas provides audiences with a very moving performance.

Nicholas Joseph Mackey as George

Nicholas Joseph Mackey, actor, procuder
Ashley-Rene Everest, actress

Joe Estevez as Ambrose

​​​​​Joe Estevez is one of the hardest working stars in film, stage and TV. In the entertainment business for over 40 years, Joe knows his way in and around a story. Joe not only wrote 'Pizza Man', he takes on the role of Ambrose, the angelic stranger that is given the responsibility to coach a lost soul named George from ending his life. As always, Joe gives a most memorable performance.

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